A letter to my future self🍁

Dear future self,

I hope you recognise me as I say all of this to you. I have a lot of good wishes for you, I hope a lot of good things to happen in your life. I hope you reach the top you’ve defined for yourself. I hope you never stop trying to reach the star that you believe belongs to only you. I hope you never settle with your hunger to learn more and to acquire more knowledge. I hope you carry the same heart as you do now. I hope you do not allow the dirt from society to stain the white satin of your conscience. I hope you stop beating yourself up for leaving one box unchecked on your bucketlist. I hope you occasionally allow yourself to breathe out of your tightly packed schedule. I hope you let your failures sink in and accept your mistakes. I hope you feel sorry for your mistakes the same way you do now and I hope you make efforts to correct them.

I just hope you find love in the middle of nowhere. I hope you find someone who can love you the way you’ll love him. I hope you’re not afraid of your emotions. I hope you allow yourself to be vulnerable. I hope you become stronger. I hope you learn to set boundaries.
I hope you learn to let go. I hope you learn to forgive. I hope you accept things the way they are and people for who they are and not for who you want them to be.

I hope you fall down only to learn to fly higher. I hope you get your heart broken only to learn to love harder. I hope people are mean to you only to introduce your soul to its kindness.

Despite all this, I hope you remain the same. I hope you don’t lose your identity, just to fit in. I hope you stay true to your feelings, to your emotions, to people around you and above all, to yourself.
I hope you laugh. I hope you live. Don’t just be alive, live. Hope for yourself to have faith in your hopes, because hope can take a life of its own and faith is the air it breathes.

With love
Your younger self
Happy 22nd ❤️

PS- this post was supposed to be up on 2nd September that is my birthday but I got late with it due to my continuous engagements after that, but well, better late than never.

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