Well educated🍁

I don’t understand the concept of a well educated dogs unless the boy has been trained for military. I see no point in getting a trainer to put your baby through a whole set of ordeal in order for you to be able to flaunt him as civilised in front of your so called civilised clan. That’s pure animal abuse, using horrific methods to train them to a level of perfection called well trained.
Having said this, I know dogs are like people who have their own personalities. so some dogs may be able to learn and out perform others. And sometimes even without the use of any horrific method. What even is the point of such a training? Where would you get the heart to see your baby dog tormented to do something he isn’t up for?I mean let a dog be a dog, just like you would let a child chose his own path. I adopted this little prick you see in the picture as a few months old. And it was difficult for us to train him even to not shit around the house. Took us almost a month. He wouldn’t say hello for a long time. Or he wouldn’t understand sit or jump. But picked up quickly with repeated efforts.
So what I’m trying to say is love is the key. It has a certain charm, certain charisma to itself. It has the power, the courage to move mountains. And it has its way with almost everything that life touches. So why not use love instead of harsh methods to get them into the box.

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