Of simple and complex hearts🍁

I heard him say it’s easier for some people to love a dog coz he is senseless and that is why it is difficult for them to love a person -so called human- who has some sense. I want to question him, “Have you experienced it, the kind of love you explain in your talks? Have you ever tried to exercise it yourself?” Lemme tell you I respect you from the bottom of my heart. I truly look up to you. But the kind of love you explain, I have never experienced it with people. Clearly, taking in consideration the fact that your words are true and it works exactly like that in the existing social structure – there can be only two possibilities; either I am defective or the people I meet. Let’s say I am defective with my extraterrestrial distorted DNA but still it doesn’t explain your stand that “kutta to hamesha range main rhta hai coz he is senseless.”
My question is, “If humans have more sense then shouldn’t they be more in range? Shouldn’t they be more adjusting of other people’s range?” The fact is human heart and mind are always in conflict and that leads to confusion and our this tendency to get confused easily leads to complications in our lives. A complex heart meeting another complex heart leads to a complicated relationship and this is the beauty of human relations.
But what’s more beautiful is a relationship with a dog or be it any other animal for that matter. They are simple hearted old souls. And their this ability balances the complexity of a human heart and I guess that explains why it is easier for some people to love a dog rather than a human.


  1. oishi · Mar 12



    • oishi · Mar 12

      Maybe you just see me in a different lighy


      • oishi · Mar 12

        😂 now your are simply exaggerating


      • oishi · Mar 12

        I suppose


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