I wish🍁

You see it was never about you or me. It was never about you winning me or me winning you. It was always about us and our love. It was simply about the love and care for each other. And love’s like that, it smells like flowers, tastes like chocolate and looks like paintbrush painting the rainbow. It sometimes smells of sheets that were hung out to dry in the summer sun. It’s about making memories together. It’s about cherishing them. It’s about laughing at each other and on the inside jokes cracked in your personalised code. It’s about playing with each other. It’s about giving gifts and surprises for no reason at all. It’s about accepting and loving the other person just as they are. It’s about panelling through the storms life throws at you. It’s about choosing the other person every single time. Its about being on the same side of the game. It’s about being a team. It’s about we.

And I always wished the same. I thought we would make it all a dreamy reality. And despite of all the heart wrenching , heart stopping and heart teethering pain I got in return of my love, I don’t wish the same for you. Instead I wish for you the happiness that I dreamed of with you. I wish for your soul to stop being restless and settle down with the one. I wish for you the world in return.

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