What defines us🍁

“We cling to our memories as if they define us but it is what we do that defines us.” – Ghost in the shell
It is one of my favorite quotes. When I first left the theatre after hearing this line, I struggled with this line for some time and no doubt I believe it has got paradoxical meaning and can put you in a quandary.
Like no doubt it is what we do that defines us. Our actions form our personality and they define what we are now. But they define our now, our present and I am a firm believer of the fact that our now depends on our then. The present is defined by our past. We take actions based on our experience and they are the ones that form our memories. It is like saying that our history never existed which infact does and is undeniable.

So I think our memories define us as much as our actions as they both are interdependent. But at the end those memories grow old and seem to fade and what’s left with us is just ‘what we can do’. And I guess that is where the quote is justified.

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