Right(wrong) love🍁

They say my love for you is wrong. Only if I knew that love can also be right or wrong, I would have chosen to love or to unlove. But then again, love is not something that you choose. I believe love choses you and all I know is that, your love, darling has chosen me. And when something choses you there’s no right or wrong there.

This emptiness feels to me like the most real and constant companion now, this darkness hugs me like your arms. I miss you, I admit I miss you every single day. I remind myself to live and not just survive. And yet sometimes I feel, it gets so hard, for I feel the strength leaving me and the love fading. And when people say that my love is wrong, I don’t know how to justify myself, for I know I love you and can’t do anything about it. Maybe I don’t even want to, for deep inside it feels just so right.

This is my love, this is my feeling and I am in love with it, all of it.

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