Small act of love🍁

“We think that our memories define us but it is what we do that defines us.”

Every picture tells a story and I like telling stories through my pictures. I like to give words to my images and get them talking. I like making them alive. Sometimes you keep looking at a picture for hours and try to decode what they have been telling and still don’t get a clear picture of their speech and sometimes a single look at a picture and you know exactly the words you would choose to describe that picture.

This being one such picture coz the story behind it is still so clear in my mind. This chart I bought from an old lady vendor. She was sitting in front of a show room with her head down. Maybe she was hopeless of people regularly going in and out of the showroom with bags full but none stopping by her even sporadically. Like others I also had no plans to stop by her but it so happened that she rose up to directly meet my gaze and immediately started showing various charts she had lined up for sale. I saw a flicker of hope in those sad eyes and god how could I let that die. After a lot of hunting I chose to buy this one. The radiant smile that flashed across her wrinkled face after that first sale of the day was so soothing.

I have always seen my parents giving a helping hand to people where ever they can; primarily to people who need it.

Going back to the quote, what we do depends on our value system and I am grateful that my parents have inculcated this gem of values called ’empathy’ in my being not by preaching but by leading by example.

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