Vices and love🍁

I love you when on some days you don’t feel like eating by yourself, so you wait for me to feed you with my hands. I love you more when you make me run after you all around the house with your food pot in hand, it’s like a mother running after her child. Oh how I love the little pap pap pap of your feet when I call out for you but I still love you when you turn around and go back to your work before I can plant a kiss on your forehead. I love even when you come home from a walk and jump on my assignment printing your paws all over and spoiling it beyond correction. Oh how I love that hairy bushy tail wagging vigorously with you leaving your little paw prints all over my clothes when I come home after the day. I love you even when those face kisses make my face slimy and sticky. I love you even when you get super excited while playing and your canines brush against my skin unintentionally leaving it dark purple for the rest of the week. And how I love the face you make when you hear vitamins and bath. I love the way you ask for your treat also I love it when I find your hair all over my favorite dress. It’s a proof of your existence.

I see an ocean of love in those deep brown glassy eyes. The love that is for me and every single time I look into them I find myself falling deeper and drowning. So I don’t only love you when you are being all loving and cute but also when you are being all notorious. Infact I love you more with all these flaws baby boy.

That look says it all !

Now that makes me wonder , if we can love our pets with all their flaws then why can’t we love our humans with all their vices.

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