She was burning inside. Her face was distorted with rage. She was infuriated at his sight and her blood seethed in his presence.

Despite knowing everything, she couldn’t believe her mother had forced her to tie a rakhi on his wrist. He, who was supposed to be her protector but instead chose to be a demon and robbed her of her virtues. Tears flowing down her cheeks like a river, her hands shaking in the manner an earthquake shakes everything. She somehow managed to prepare the puja thali.

She was lost deep in her thoughts when she was called out. She was in oblivion, she doesn’t seem to listen. Her mother came and shook her back to senses. She forced her to come along. The girl felt the ground beneath her feet vanishing. She fulminated against her mother’s wish.

Slowly with heavy steps she crossed over the kitchen and froze at his sight; sitting there and laughing loudly and effortlessly like nothing has happened ever. She felt dragged back to that day when he came home when she was alone. She let him in considering he was the so called protector. But when that happened she was glued by the wall. She stood there silently, like a morose, allowing him to do whatever he wanted to. She was so shocked and tired to resist.

A loud round of laughter across the room brought her back to her senses. Her ears hurt. She was fuming but she has decided for herself. She was determined not to be weak anymore. She walked across the table with long steady strides and stood right in front of him, her eyes blazing. They had a different fiery sparkle about them.

She put the thali on the table and placed a tight slap on his demonic face , shocking everybody.She gathered all her energy generated from her rage which has been growing inside her since a year and put it in her blow. He was utterly shocked as he never anticipated this but then hung his head in shame while she glared at him with wide open eyes.

With this she went out to see the sun changing colors and a certain stellar gleam , a pinkish hue blessing her and praising her. She felt she was experiencing sun for the first time.

That’s how she celebrated rakhi that year.

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