A dystopian in utopia🍁

The other day I was reading a book by Stephen King which was sort of a writing guide for beginners. One of the points mentioned stated that “write regularly, and since practice makes a man perfect, this regular practice will help you improve considerably.” Although I do not question the credibility of this statement but I also believe that if you put your heart in something then the importance of the amount of practice you have done diminishes. I come here to write not as a part of this practice but because I like doing it in the first place. I like sharing my thoughts, telling stories and letting my words imitate my inner self. I like expressing myself in the simplest manner so that people around me don’t have to struggle to keep up with me.

Writing helps me travel altogether to a very different world and get lost there for sometime. I don’t know how many of you have experienced this but the world down there is deep and phenomenal and bright enough to take away your deepest sorrows and let it flow in ink and words. And I like the fact that I am a dystopian in that utopia.

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  1. anti haaruitval · Dec 30

    Simply just wished to say I am relieved I stumbled on the page! http://pillenhaargroei.ovh/

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