An empath’s love🍁

I am an empath and the problem with an empath is that they will give you their all. They are a natural at that – giving. You can take or say feed on their emotions until they are hollow. And still they will not raise their head to speak up for themselves and say that you are putting them in an uncomfortable position, that you are hurting them. A slight change in your behavior bothers them, and the worst part is that they blame it on themselves. They believe it’s the change in their own behavior that is bringing out the change in other’s behavior, and they also believe that if they go back to being their self when they first met them, the other person will also do the same. You see that’s the quality of an over thinker , an empath and an old soul.

This, I cannot say is our best shot but is one happy picture!

And so you can imagine the effects of people leaving me behind. I start questioning myself. And in today’s time when you know that nobody is ever going to stay, it feels good to have a few people around who I know will always stay. People who are irreplaceable in my life. And one of them is this person.

Waking up to such texts is sheer joy!

He is one of those few people who give me the kind known as true love, the kind known as unconditional love , the kind known as irrevocable love. People who will give everything in return of a bag full of emotions that is me. They are the ones who I know will be there when nothing else will be left of me except a limp body with brittle bones and a thin layer of skin to cover it. They I know, are going to be there for me till the very end of this journey called life. And trust me there’s no better feeling in the world than knowing this.


  1. ʞɐ · Dec 9

    Wow, this is so beautiful, again. 🙂
    Hold on to people like him. They are rare.

    Liked by 1 person

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