Runaway mother🍁

“She was a mother, mother of two and she ran away from her responsibilities with somebody else.” The news spread like fire in the wild and was the current hot topic among people of her locality.

Yes she was a mother but she was a woman too. People are asking what she did, nobody is asking why she did what she did.

She was a mother and a woman, a woman who was forced into marrying a man 3 times her age and all this, when she herself was a child. She had dreams and hopes about how her life will be but now here she is married and sharing bed with a man fit to be her grandfather. Yes she was a mother but also a woman who was raped on the first night after marriage. And these rapes became a part of her daily routine there on. Yes she was a mother of two but also a woman who has never experienced the feeling called love after her parents died when she was just 2. Still she tried to nurture her family with whatever little love she had kept hidden in one corner of her bruised heart.

Yes she was a mother of two but also a woman who worked day and night to save some money from her drunkard husband who used to beat her for the same and at the end rob her of her hard earned money as well as of her virtue.

Now that she has found love in a man who is promising her a better future why do people seem so bothered. She took the harsh decision to be mean and leave that moron behind and start her life afresh , why is society being so bitchy about her decision? Where were they when she was beaten every single night? Where were they when she used to walk around doing chores , limping all day long? And where were they when she was forced into this marriage in the first place? Nobody saw her pain and agony then. Now that she took a decision for herself and her children, why is she tagged as the meanest mother? People are questioning her decision, why isn’t anybody questioning the reasons behind this decision?

People are going to have their own opinions about her and I leave the decision to you. Do you think she was right or wrong in doing so? Who was responsible to push her to such an extreme decision? Is it completely her fault? One must consider all these factors before pleading her guilty.

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