A teacher’s gift🍁

A teacher’s greatest gift is the faith of his students. And mind you trust is different from faith. Faith is what you call the blind trust , something that comes from within. It is unconscious. While trust is a conscious decision. We decide or say let our mind allow our heart to trust somebody. It is this faith that I crave. I want to be able for people to have faith when it comes to my love for them. I crave the kind of love that promises me this kind of faith.

A gift from one of my students! It’s not much… But it means the world to me!

My mom has always taught me that the relationship between a teacher and his student is based on this kind of love. The student has faith that his teacher will be able to solve all his problems and the teacher has faith that his student will do him proud. This, she taught me by being an examplar teacher herself , to me as well as her students. “You see it’s mutual.” She told me. “You have to give to gain their faith.”

Stepping into her shoes now, this is lesson 1 for me.

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