2/2 How I got my pet🍁

So it was after my class 12th exams. I saw a pup in front of my house. He was just so adorable , like every other one. He was not scared when I went near him. He was all cuddly and all. I brought him in and gave him milk which he drank at a rocket speed and made his cave inside the shoe shelf. Later that night I woke up to his howl and that revealed the secret that I had a puppy in the house. I was told to put him back at his place early in the morning tomorrow. I didn’t want to do that but well, I had to coz you see the emotional blackmail that his mum would be worried and stuff. That evening I saw him again during the walk. The cute little puppy followed me back to my home. Yesterday’s procedure was repeated , only diff was that I didn’t wake up to his howl that night. Dad came to know about my hidden secret in the morning when a little pup came stumbling with his combats. He was furious and ammused both at the same time and I and my brother thought it’s our best chance to convince him to keep this baby tiger. And voilà , we got our licence. And all three of us decided to cheat on my mother with a dog and well , it was possible only coz she was out of station that time and also wasn’t going to be back for the next one month or so.

Attention seeker!

Nevertheless the plan was all set but I told my mum about our new member on the 12th day of his arrival. Mum was obviously angry, but not because we adopted a dog without her permission but because we decided to keep it a secret and hadn’t shown her his picture yet. it was funny but then I always knew she would readily accept this adoption.

I still remember the day when I had to sweep our whole floor and clean the carpet as I was terrified of the fact that all hell will break loose if somebody finds out that he(baby tiger) had littered the whole of living room. He was trying to go out but I grabbed him thinking he was trying to escape. I mean obviously… how was I even supposed to know what is their hint for pee-pee and poo! It was a do or die situation. I could not have waited for the helper to come help me and later tell dad about her so called extra work.

So moving on and learning with such incidents I got to know what it actually means to be a dog parent. Your whole life revolves around a certain phrases. Like “what are you eating?” , “Oh My God , what are you eating?” , “No” etc etc. “No” kindda becomes your favourite word and it always sticks to your mouth if you have a pup.

That goofy face tho!

Now I am much more experienced in handling him and he is also not the same 2 month old puppy but a 4 year old big boy. This is how I owned my dog , my Shera. Naming him shera is another story I am saving for some other time.

Much effort done but it all seem nothing when you look into those eyes. They contain in themselves an universe of love.

I can’t thank him enough for teaching me what love is.

I understand now why mum was not able to replace her dog , coz you see each one of them is irreplaceable.

One comment

  1. srijan · Nov 28

    i like it. the girl in the pictures is cute. but i like the dog more. he’s much more cuter
    i will cuddle with him someday. dont disturb me then


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