Weakness that always stays🍁

Some people come into your life like the first rays of the sun in the morning. Their presence feels so warm and pleasant. You fall in love with this warmth. You start caring for their shine so much that you forget , their presence is draining you of your energy. You feel you are sharing your strength with them , willingly giving it away to form a stronger ‘us’ for both of you. But you don’t realise that this constant act of sharing your strength is also draining you of your strength. It is making you weak inside. Soon you realise that the ‘us’ that you imagined was meant to just exist in your mind , because the person has now left. He left with all the strength you poured in the illusion of making of an ‘us’. And now all the company you have of is your weakness.

Your sun is gone and now you are again in the company of night , fighting your demons alone.

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