Wine or acid🍁

Well… Love is a beautiful thing. Being in love is a wonderful feeling. It is a powerful force that makes people cross seas and climb mountains. It makes you capable to do things you thought you were incapable of. It fills your days with the fragrance of positivity. Every day seems like a celebration to you. There’s no limit to how one can describe love and the feeling of it. Love is wine that is supposed to get better with time.

But sometimes , just sometimes , it’s not what we think. It’s not the positive force we thought it would be. Rather its the cause of all the negativity in your life , it’s the cause of all the darkness , it’s the cause of your clipped wings. Sometimes the same love that has glorified itself and outshone every other feeling in your life , is the cause of your misery and all the sadness spreading it’s legs around you , caging you. Love is acid that is burning your existence.

And it’s better to walk away the moment wine starts turning into acid coz darling it won’t only burn you and your insides , but your existence as well. And what’s more important than you.

Take care of yourself first. Because you come first.

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