He comes back home to spoil us all rotten.

He is not always there with us , but for those 30 days that he is here , we all loose our senses. Each one trying a bit extra to grab his attention , to have his extra care and faking illness is just the easiest thing to do to achieve that.
My mother is so right in saying “He would be back to spoil you guys rotten.”
He would spoil us, so we would spend the rest of the time without him trying to reconstruct our good habits. this is like a series. A cycle on repeat.
And we just get so used to his presence in those days that we almost forget, he will go back in no time. The day comes sooner than anticipated. It’s like , it comes to say that your *forever happiness* thing was just an illusion.

Goodbyes have never been my forte. I am not used to them no matter how many times I have repeated it before ; it feels the same : heart wrenching. Emotions : i am not very good at holding them. So emotional outbursts are common with me. I am a simple expressive being and even though I get to hear “I’ll be back soon” at the end ; i know that ‘soon’ here has got no time limit.
Still that *no time limit soon* seems *so soon* ; as soon as I see his face again at the next homecoming.


  1. Ravindra Nayak · Oct 7

    You’re most welcome friend 💐


  2. ravindra nayak · Oct 7

    Nice emotional and lovely share

    Liked by 1 person

    • oishi · Oct 7

      Oh yes… Homecomings are a celebration in themselves😊 thankyou

      Liked by 1 person

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