Act of love🍁

It felt unfair , so unfair on your part ; to bring me back from my slumber , to give me hopes. All those times , I had been in the company of darkness that I illuminated with the wildfire of my existence. It was your nefarious act of being the sweetener in the recepie of those dull days that made my life such a delicacy. The dark was illuminated by the moon. I didn’t have to light the wildfire in those days. The warmth of the moon felt better than that of wildfire. The glory of the moon casted a spell on me and I was more than happy to be caught in that spell.

But how did I miss the underlying fact that it was nothing but just my pathetic fallacy to fall for your act of love.

You had no love left to give. You were not -never- allowed to have me.


  1. ravindra nayak · Oct 7

    Amazing sketch and heartfelt beautiful blog 🌻

    Liked by 1 person

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