Despite being a master in disguise, I don’t think I have a chameleon soul. I am just an actress. It’s more like wearing a mask. A mask of cheerfulness, that hides my misery , my anguish. It’s a futile attempt at intermixing myself with others.

It’s an epiphany when you look at others and see them all as yourself. Their faces shadowed with a cloud that covers their faces like a mask. And when they smile, you can see right through them and meet with the remorse hiding behind. When they lie , you can read the truth that escapes their speech.

And you realise the world is just a stage where we all are actors in the drama of life. The best thing about this drama is the unpredictability of your role and the worst thing being your unpreparedness for it.


  1. Ankit · Sep 24

    Some post. Nice. Strong words.


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