Penguin love🍁

I feel ‘I love you’ is a tricky thing to say.

Take care not to say it when you love only her lovable parts and not have the courage to love her dark , hidden and tortured parts. Don’t blame her for not warning you before when she did say that nobody stays when I am finally bare. She told you not to fall for her as she knew your inability to handle her tortured self.

Love as I feel should be whole. It should be able to accept both – the lovable and not so lovable parts of the other and if you don’t have the courage to accept both and make peace with the same then you got no right to say it even.

We all have heard that love comes with a purpose to serve but it so seem that love has changed its form and now it does not come to serve a purpose in your life but stays only till it gets its purpose served. It won’t wait for you to match it’s pace and will leave as soon as it gets what it wants.

But in spite of all this , I desiderate the penguin kind of love , because I believe it (that kind of love) still exists.Oh my dear! Gimme the penguin kind of love.

When a male penguin falls in love , he searches the entire beach to find the smoothest pebble for her. He goes through this ordeal even without knowing whether she will accept the gift or not. And if the female accepts the gift , they mate for life.

Now this is pure, unconditional and irrevocable love. The love that is raw and is in its simplest form. The love which has got undying commitment that comes from willingness to make it work no matter what. This is my kind of love. Gimme this my dear, gimme this. Love in all it’s entirety. No less .

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