The letter🍁

Who cares if one more light goes out , in the sky of a million stars

Well I do…

Dear Akash

Hie baby!

Isn’t this how you used to greet me? Yeah yeah.. okay fine… To all the girls in your life.. because I know how precious they all were to you.

I don’t know what to say since this is just so hard to digest and this news came in as a shock to crumble the world we had together and to shatter the ground beneath my feet.

I will miss you… Like hell!

I will miss those small yet sweet gestures, that innocence I’m sure will never find in anybody else, those welcoming hugs everytime we met, those seatings in the college park to talk our problems out, the way you used to tease and make fun of me, that smiling face I had around you because you had the magic to poke fun at serious issues, your sketches, those prank calls as late as 12AM… And the list seem endless. I can go on and on. My words can never do justice to how much I , we are going to miss you.

I remember the first time I met you was through a common friend. I was completely floored by your extremely vivacious persona. Your this ability… To impress anybody within minutes always gets me. We shared many firsts together. I never told you but I’m sure you very well know that you were my go to person everytime I thought I needed some help, only to never come back disappointed and empty handed. You were the first to read my blog and also to congratulate me on the same, first to know and lend an ear to my breakup story only to bitch about Mr Ex later , you were also the first to know about the root cause of almost all the problems at my place – something that I never shared with anybody. I still wonder what was it about you that made me choose you over anybody else every single time.

I just don’t know what to say anymore.

I am sorry the world didn’t treat you well , I am sorry the world was so cruel to you, I am sorry you had to endure so much here. The world never deserved you , you never deserved to be here in this hell. It’s a bad , bad world of mad people. I hope you will forgive them for treating you like dirt and with so much hate.

I hope , now you are at a place you deserve to be – the world meant for God’s favorite children. I know you are looking down at all this mess you have left us in and smiling coz obviously you are one wicked prick. I also know , up there , they all are going to be floored by you. But just take care not to enjoy much without us and wait for us to join you. You know we will.

So Akash Parihar , just know that I love you, we all love you and we always will. You have left a void in our hearts sweetheart , which , I don’t think can ever be filled. You will be remembered forever in our hearts.

This hell will mourn your death for a long time.

With love,

Yours (just another😋) baby.

One comment

  1. Ankit · Sep 29

    This is so sad. This is something that breaks one apart. Oh! No. I am sorry, I don’t have words to add.

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