The kite runner🍁

“And that’s the thing about people who mean each word they speak. They think others do too. ”

This book is special to me in its own way.
It was in the summer of 2010 that I first lay my hands on any novel. Like I was not sort of a reader that time. Somebody suggested me this book and I have wanted to read this ever since.

Idk what happened in those eight years… Maybe I cudn read it coz i wasn’t able to lay my hands on this book in our military library which I so frequently used to visit and maybe I was broke enough not to be able to buy it on my own (I always buy my books with my savings) and when I was able to buy them maybe I wasn’t able to locate this book on the book stalls whenever I went on a book shopping spree. Whatever kept me away from reading this.. all I know is that the wait was worth it.

I don’t want this to sound like another book review but I just want to talk about it.
There are some books u just read -fast or slow- then there are some books u savour just like your favorite delicacy. I took more than 15 days I guess to complete this – not so long- book ; the longest I have taken so far. And I can say that I have savoured this book to the core.
The first time I held it I felt I was holding a baby I have longed for almost a decade now.

Coming to the book I don’t know which part I liked the most ; whether it was childhood days of the author or the one when he visits Afghanistan after 20 years or the one where Sohrab confides in him or the one at the end where flying kite with Sohrab takes him back to the winter of 1975.
I liked each and every part of the book and by the time I completed the first 100 pages I had already cried an ocean (this part needs a mention as I have cried this much for the first time while reading😛). So all in all this devastating tale of unconditional irrevocable love and betrayal taught me a lot about life.

PS- I would rather not have the kind of love Hassan had for Amir than have it once and loose it.

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