Sometimes we are not able to give our love to the right person for we’ve given our all to the wrong one. Darling how could you expect me to give you the love that I know you deserve when all I am left with is just a large gaping hole in my chest. It is more like a black hole that is slowly swallowing the rubble of my insides, the last pieces of the monuments that once decorated the world within. I am sorry I could not give you that and in the wake of trying to mend our broken hearts my hands slipped and I ended up shattering our broken segments into a million more incomprehensible pieces. I have nothing to say but just know that I tried . My god knows I tried but only to fail.

It seem so long , I have forgotten the ways to trust and have faith and maybe also to love.

We have learnt to accept even unspoken apologies over time. I hope you accept this written one so that the storm inside me calms down and my conscious does not torture me.

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