And the mountains echoed🍁

“I found a sad little fairy beneath the shade of a paper tree, I know a sad little fairy who was blown away by the wind one night.” Hosseini has a gift of poetic story telling. His words are so captivating, you are hooked to the book from the very start till the end. I love the way he captures and describes the complex relationships between people – parents and children or siblings – and the force that binds them.

In this particular one he doesn’t leave even a single character left behind. Once the war broke, he captures the afterlife of each and every character. His plot always revolves around love and relationships. “They tell me I must wade into waters, where I shall soon drown. Before I march in, I leave this on shore for you. I pray you find it, sister, so you will know what was in my heart as I went under.”
After all this time Abdullah hadn’t lost hope that Pari would find him again. And when they meet, the circumstances had changed miserably. Afterall we are mere puppets in the hands of circumstances and we must act accordingly.

While reading I was almost flipping through the pages after Pari and Abdullah got separated, to find the one where they meet again. And when it came, at last, I couldn’t help but let my rivers flow.

His books tell us about the real Afghanistan, that it is much more than the hell-hole of death and destruction they have made out of it. And one can never be content with his narrative, he always leaves you wanton for more.


  1. oishi · Sep 11

    😂😂 I don’t do *leaving* that often


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