Teaching through them alphabets of nature🍁

Our mind wanders, travels places even when our body is limp in a chair, thoughts racing and speech flowing. But I was never taught this way. I learnt to recognize alphabets in nature and later to think through nature.

I remember, as a kid, my mum would take me out for evening walks to the park in our neighborhood. I don’t remember myself being very social as a kid and also my mother being very gossipy. All my memories of her younger days are filled with her teaching and moving around the house, doing chores with a book in her hand. I mean she was always reading or working.

So in the park we would sit together. She’d make me find alphabets on trees, leaves, swings or flowers. And then I was supposed to write -the ones I had found- them down on the ground.

Seldom do I remember her talking in the lap of nature. I recall verbatim how I used to ask her over the evening cup of coffee , watching the sunset – what she was thinking and she used smile and reply, ” nature always opens up my mind and flood it with thoughts. What are you thinking? ” and I used to cook up any story to just make her talk.

Now I know, all this while, it was a silent lesson through nature. She taught me to accept nature as my preacher. And now, every time I feel overpowered by melancholy or I need to find answers or I need to bring my head around an idea ; I pick up my stuff ( pens and pages usually) and escape in nature’s lap.

Ps- a tribute to my first and forever teacher❤️❤️

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