My star will continue to shine🍁

They say there is a star for each and every one of us in this galaxy. The stars , the moon they are all overlooking us. The city air doesn’t actually allow you to see the stars but on some days when I go up the terrace and I look up to the sky , I wonder , which one of them billions is me?

And I see it , exactly above my head. Glittering and sparkling with whatever little light it has.

I feel attracted by the darkness and emptiness of the sky. But it’s vastness is highly intimidating. It reminds me of the smallness of my self. I fear getting lost in this vastness and infinitude.

But then I see it , my star shining brighter than before. And in that moment , I know I will survive and that I will not get lost in this enormity.

My star is beautiful and the moon is waiting for me to come. The galaxy forces me towards him and he is ready to receive me, to teach me and help me survive this.

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