That day he started living again πŸ

He took the right turn and saw a crowd that has gathered on the road. People talking and whispering to each other. He stopped by the side and pushed his way to the center of the crowd. An infant , a babygirl was lying on the roadside in the sun , alone , wrapped in a blanket. He felt the baby’s cries bursting his ears.

For a moment he was lost in his memories of HER , for a moment he felt hollow, for a moment he felt the hole in his chest burning , growing bigger , trying to consume him. The sight took him back in time where he has always feared getting lost. He felt his life repeating itself in a circle. He was brought back by someone pushing him from behind. Something struck his mind in that moment.

He looked at the baby and was surprised at the striking resemblance she had with HER. From what he could recall from his hazy memory of HERS , she had the same eyes , the same tiny little fingers and the same tomato red cheeks.

Without saying anything he picked up the baby and carrying her close to his chest walk towards his car. He felt their gaze on him , he heard them whispering about him. Tears were beginning to well up in his eyes.

After some twenty years now, he felt relieved. It seemed a heavy weight has lifted itself from his chest which he has been carrying with him since past twenty years. This very day she would have turned twenty. He wouldn’t have missed out on all those precious years of his life if only his father hadn’t left HER on the footsteps of Shiva temple that day. He could feel the tinge of same old bitterness he has for his father beginning to well up inside him. It seeped through the cracks in the walls that he has locked it in , and made it’s way to the surface through his tears.

He remembers how he cried , shouted and did everything he could to stop that. But how could he , a four year old , win in front of the age old society that has corrupted his father’s mind.

That day he knew life has given him a second chance. That day he knew he has got a way to relive those lost years of his life.

He was crying profusely now.

Pearls from his eyes were streaming down his cheeks. Soaking and drowning him.

He was crying for the first time in twenty years.

That day he felt alive again.

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