To the lovers of the daybreak and to the lovers of the night sky ๐Ÿ

It’s early in the morning , the sun shining brightly and emanating it’s aura throughout the sky. It’s warm rays falling on the flower making the flower feel the love he has for it. Every now and then a cloud blocks this warmth. Then the sun challenges the cloud’s existence and shines brightly making it’s rays pierce through the walls the cloud is making to reach out to his flower.

His presence feels so protective for the flower and slowly it opens it’s petals wide and blooms fully without fear. But the sun being fully aware of the devastating consequences it’s closeness would bring to the exquisite flower , slowly distances itself and fades into the night sky.

Then comes the moon in all his beauty and ever so chasing starry blanket. Nothing of this interests the flower. It feels cold and scary in the darkness which moon has brought along. It still longs for the warmth of the sun. It wants to experience once again the protective layer it used to feel whenever the sun hugged it.

The moon loves the flower as much and in order to provide it relief and help it in its misery ; brings it’s starry blanket closer to the flower. The flower feels cold and trapped in eerie darkness and shivers to death.

Next morning when the sun comes up realising his mistake , he finds the flower’s carcase.

At the end what’s left behind is the sun weeping through those clouds and the moon hiding behind those clouds.

Both ashamed of their own regrets.


flower = women

Sun = family and loved ones

Moon = society

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