The love for winter🍁

Winters by far is one of my favourite seasons and not for one but for several reasons. I like the chilly winds and thick blanket of fog and snow. Snow just by its mere mention makes everything so serene. Sad that currently I am not living in a place which experiences snow during winters. Those rainy days in winters and snow afterwards feels just so good.

I remember as a child when I used to go to my granny’s during this season there used to be a daily bonfire in the evening with a huge circle of people surrounding it and chattering while we children used to have some more playtime. Later at home my granny used to put potatoes in an angithi and later on my cousin and I used to fight over those roasted potatoes to have the greater share. At night also we three of us used to negotiate our way into sleeping next to granny for bedtime stories.

 Winter for me is as much about these memories as it is about cold.

It is the season for foodies like me. I also recollect days from my childhood when going for an afternoon spree of collecting jujube – such trees are always in abundance in our lush green cantonments – was a daily routine during winter vacations.

Such fun were those days.

 Those range of seasonal dishes in this season , you name them and I will have a watery mouth with my tongue sticking out 😂 

And on top of this there are also a range of flowers out there to enhance the beauty of this season much.

And I guess it’s my love for this season which would force me to prefer mountains over beaches.

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