My Christmas buddy🍁

He closed in to thee

From his shelter in the lee

With a certain glee

And balloons in hand three;

Selling for ten each

People drowning his screech

Still he stood with arms outreach

Under the mighty beech;

I woke to this alarm

Dazed by his charm

Amongst the swarm

To be disarmed;

By his beauty

Like a free birdie

In the human sea

Collecting those little gees;

On the day of Christmas

Saddened by the callous

Of the countless

Wildly moving carcase;

The government says

We can celebrate it no ways

As it falls on good governance day

Why to listen to their Bray;

All I say is

Let the Christmas be

For boys like he

So that lesser sad faces we see.

Santas ain’t for real but for kids they are and for kids like him also they are only he never gifts them anything.

Christmas by far is a big festival here in India. It’s one such joyous moment. It’s that time of the year when holidays, outings and fun are the only words echoing in our ears. 

Now this makes me wonder whats so special about this time for these kids then.

He came to me with two of those balloons and I bought both of them. He did not smile even once during those 5 minutes we talked except for once when my friend told him to smile while I photographed him. It (the smile) was not a part of his pose but that one moment was my Thanksgiving moment and I realised it’s these little moments of attention  from people which makes this time so special for them. 

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