Is profession greater or the wisdom?

To describe a person would you choose his profession or his wisdom? Being judgemental asses that we are we cannot help but judge people, then why not judge them based on their thoughts and it’s reflections in their actions.

When he came ; he greeted me almost instantly and asked me my destination. I got into the cab without greeting and maintained my usual sangfroid.

So I met Kaka my old cabbie for the night. I was fidgeting as I waited for my cab. It was pitch dark and I had a long way to go to get back home. I had no idea how the journey back home will turn out. I was worried how the drive will be.

I do actually remember how the convo started but we talked of almost everything from politics to women’s safety to the very place Chandigarh. We talked of our families , of his daughter , of her past and future , of my life so far , of the future I have planned for myself. 

I was just so amazed at his consummate wisdom. He had the perfect response and perfect solution for every query I put up. It seemed as if he had prepared all those questions well in advance. And also I was amazed at myself that how could I confide in him so easily. 

And among all this I never felt for a moment that I was alone and that I should be more worried about reaching home safely.

Those twenty minutes which some time back felt like a long uneasy and scary journey vanished into thin air.

Once in a while we come across such people. Such random people who leave a mark in our life in just a few minutes. For me a person is not by his profession but by his experiences and by the wisdom he carries.

And yes I reached home safely .

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