Is my desire undesirable?

I can feel heat. Heat of the light coming from the hot burning sun. I can feel it over my head.

This heat gives me confidence to cherish the desire to have you. Like a fool I shout for you in the emptiness at nights thinking that your voice will reply but my echo is the only voice that comes back. Still I cherish this desire to have you again. To see your face again. The heat guides me through my despair and takes me to optimism.

Of the heat , I like it’s warmth but I don’t like it’s brightness. The warmth makes me feel that this desire is so right yet the brightness makes me realise that wanting this is so illegit.

Oh this life ! Oh dilemmas! So many in this tiny interval called life.

Amongst all this chaos , I can still feel the sun of hope hovering over my head. It keeps me company all through this.

Yes I want you. No it’s not daydream , it’s my hope , it’s my wish.

I ask the brightness “tell me why would it be wrong for me to hope?” And the warmth replies “you are not wrong for hope is the basis of life.”

Yes I know our codependent existence is a dysfunction still I hope out of hope to be by your side once again coz you see you are the warmth to my brightness.

How many of you feel this warmth? Do you also feel this sun over you? This sun which is burning you enough but not enough to cease your existence, just enough to keep you rooted still not enough for you to flourish.

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