My flower among thorns🍁

It happened on my first train journey alone. My mum warned me against strangers and gave me a complete list of dos and don’ts to follow half knowing that I will not follow them.

I was sitting in the waiting area at the station. The room was sparsely populated. Them came a family with two oldies , the couple and the child.

The lady was covered in burqa and hijab from head to toe. She came and sat alongside me . Her old man was standing right in front of me and and my social etiquettes compelled me to stand up and vacate my seat for him. But instead he said ” I’ll just go and sit there. U keep sitting beta.”

It was then that the lady started the conversation. it was not a long one but a cherishable one.

The lady must be in her early 20s and already a mother of 4 year old. After the usual intro she asked me where I was going. I told her m following my dream and she was so happy for me but also sad for herself. She talked of her dreams and aspirations. Dreams which she could not chase. Dreams which were crushed under the weight of her burdens.

That made me wonder how there are still people in this patriarchal society who have gained expertise in crushing dreams of women. And we say we are proud of our society. No , I am certainly not for there are still glitches which needs to be fixed. There are problems which need to b addressed and solved .

She struck a different chord with me. It was like an instant connection . A special bond. Her son called me “‘Appi'” and that’s how I made a relationship that day. We chatted and ate together for next 15-20 minutes or so.

Oh how i wish I had taken her number. I want to thank her for restoring my faith in trust and that you can still find some pure souls in the pool of devils out there. I would like to thank her for making my first train journey memorable. She taught me that there is a lot of love out there which needs to be picked and gathered and bundled . You only have to master the art.

Btw I still haven’t told my mum about this incident partly because I broke her rules that day and partly because of the fear that she won’t let me travel alone ever again.


  1. ravindra nayak · Oct 7

    Amazing and great story of first journey experience and meeting the right person in train, By default your mum rules are true and in this blog your breaking of rules is also correct, nice share 💐


    • oishi · Oct 7

      Thankyou so much for reading this. I know her rules are right… But the most wonderful things happen beyond the so called rules don’t you think?


  2. ravindra nayak · Oct 7

    Rules from experience people,one should take as guide lamp from someone else lens and follow n not follow is upto us because many a times these rules work and many a times won’t… And also we are not robots who should follow with set of rules blindly, most important is how one is taking one’s experiences.also Don’t n do’s depend upon the one’s whole environment…and through one’s own consecutive experience of travel’s, one can say positive experience of don’t switches to do’s also …and for parents child is always child whether grown up of kid…! Thanx for sharing your view

    Liked by 1 person

    • oishi · Oct 7

      I so agree with your view here that in certain situations do’s become dont’s and dont’s do’s 😊 thankyou for letting us know what you feel about this


      • ravindra nayak · Oct 7

        You’re most welcome friend, keep blogging, keep sharing thoughtful beautiful blog🌻


      • oishi · Oct 7

        Thankyou so much😊


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