Happily ever after?

To one of my favourite authors. The book describes prostitution . The protagonist thinks that life revolves around those 11 minutes of the day when the person experiences orgasm just because this feeling takes you away and out of this world. She thinks this is heavenly until she meets a painter who introduces her to another heavenly feeling. Rather a greater and purer one : love. It’s her journey through life to find love and yes because it’s literature the ending is happy.

Happy endings are all fictitious. Happily ever after , I believe is the greatest lie. It’s  a myth. Nothing lasts forever , what remains behind is the love that you chose. Can you escape this love? No because you chose it in the first place. So what is it that stays with you till the very end? No it’s not even this love , it also fades away with time. It gets stashed in your memory. You deliberately lock it in the cages down there.

I believe it’s the choices you made , their consequences lasts forever.

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