It was strange that day , as I don’t come across babies that often or maybe m not that baby friendly or maybe babies don’t find me friendly enough but I was sitting alone when he came to me.

He could barely walk , so tiny were his legs. He tapped on my shoulder saying ‘mama’ . I turned around to see his sad yet desperate face. He was so adorable , so tiny. I took him up in my arms thinking that his parents must notice him and will be able to locate him easily. Indeed he was separated from his guardians. I gave that sunshine my only chocolate to eat. Soon after  a man came to me. His dad said ‘ I’m sorry he mistook you to be his mother.’ 

The child who has lost his mother recently found her in me! 

At such a tender age when he cannot even pronounce the word death let alone understand it’s meaning , he suffered such a great loss. And as his father took him away from me, the mother in me – who was in deep hibernation till then – also crying. 

I felt homesick , I started missing my mother immediately. How dearly I wish I could do anything more than just watch him go away. 

More than just often we hear that mothers are the best gift to us. I remember several times disagreeing with my mum and acting stubborn not realising that her point of view has always been right and in my favour. Putting myself in her shoe now I regret that immediately.

It was on that fateful day I realised what it feels like when a kid calls you mama and why mama is ready to sacrifice everything for that bud. Every woman has a mother in her and that motherly feeling is utterly heavenly.

Maa , I am sorry for all those times that I was in conflict with you , for all the times that I disagreed , for all the times that I acted stubborn , for all the times u were hurt because of me.


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