5/1 The Afterlife πŸƒ

People say we have an afterlife when we die. We are free from our sins and all our deeds. We reach a phase where we can experience only light. Clear humble light.

Likewise forgiveness also has an afterlife. This is the phase without any bondage. Nothing pulling you back. You experience only one greater force which puts you on a path always moving ahead. No vicious cycle repeated. Lord himself will walk you through. You will meet a transformed and renewed you and you will realise that this is good and acceptable and perfect.

That is when she truly understood and experienced forgiveness and acceptance. Towards the end of the walk when she reach the end of the tunnel , she is exposed to the light ; the light of love and she experiences nothing but richness of hearts around her.

She becomes the warrior of light because she knows she has duties and responsibilities as Paulo Coelho said.

In that absence of complete bitterness , the love which was there once is enough. It’s there now even in the beautiful avenues of her memory and like a disease it marks it’s recurrence every now and then. Every now and then I feel overpowered by it. The love which she would cherish forever.


  1. TheBrokengirl · Nov 7, 2017

    I must say reading this one felt you were talking about me. (A sign, a confirmation)

    Liked by 1 person

    • oishi · Nov 7, 2017

      We sure have had similar experiences I guess ☺️


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