3/1 The two men 🍁

Wind is calmer before the storm. The errie silence is highly intimidating. The universe throws at me an erratic storm unveiling the world within you.

That’s how I got to know there are two men inside you : the one is strong passionate lover and the other is weak and helpless.

The one who is true to the core. Who leaves no page unturned to show his love. He promises everything. He is the ideal man to his lady.

Then there is this other one who becomes weak in front of the society. He is scared inside. He becomes helpless in front of people. It’s appalling to know that how can society blind his vision and destroy his ability to think.

Why does the passionate lover ‘shiva’ turns in the weak ‘rama’ who questions and abandoned ‘sita’ giving in to societal pressure. Why is ‘rama’ not strong enough to b able to brave society and trust his instincts for once?

Having said that ” why do I still worship him?”

I guess because I can still see his ‘shiva’ and not his ‘rama’ . His ‘shiva’ who is more prominent , more beautiful and who is stronger. He is the one who takes the larger part of him. No , she doesn’t worship ‘him’ but his ‘shiva’ ! Oh omnipotent ‘shiva’!

Nevertheless she feels hurt. My women are very hurt by his ‘rama’ .

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