1/1 The two women🍁

There are two women inside me : the one who lives in the light ; the other who resides in the darkness.

There is this one – dominated by her heart. The one who trusts you blindly. The one who finds solace in your arms. The one who wants to pack her bags and travel , travel to eternity and back with you. The one who’s afraid of loosing you. She wants to give you pure simple love nothing but plain unconditional and irrevocable love.

And there is this other one who is dominated by her strong mind. She constantly reminds to distance herself from you. She finds you hopeless and expects nothing still she is afraid of your absence as much as she is scared of your presence. The one who knows the bitter truth that she will never be able to love any other man ever again still she doesn’t want to b close to you. She is vulnerable and weak inside but portrays herself as strong. Strong enough to not give a damn. But inside she still cares.

Why is she so confused? Why is she haunted by the presence of the person inside her ghost? Why is she afraid of the shadow which was once her light?

Is it your behavior now or is it your presence there  which creates the dilemma for her?

At the bottom line is life , constantly pushing them both on the same path together. A path which is lonely , which is of aloofness. A path which is certain and which gives her confidence.

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