A better place to live?

Something happened on the way to heaven.

“The world was a beautiful place” they said.

“yes, it has dogs” I replied.

Amidst their quizzical expressions , I could almost smell their hatred and see maliciousness in their actions.

I thought to myself

“Only if humans were even a slightest bit closer to how pure dogs are , the world would have been a better place to live in. They are the true epitome of love having adoration in their eyes , magic in their ways and purity in their soul. 

They would always knock on your door with joy and wagging tails and would welcome you with loud welcome moans. They don’t know how to judge so they will simply accept you whether you laugh or cry or succeed or fail. Their sole purpose will be to love you. You will be their life !

That is why I would always choose them over humans.

And then my turn came to enter the doors to heaven. Lord asked me for my wish .

“Send me back to my little dog land where my babies would be waiting for me” I said.

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