LETTERS – i would consider the worst way to communicate until this day when I received one for myself , and receiving your first one that too from your baby provides you with a certain kind of elation.


nothing can b as personal as this handwritten piece of paper. I realised the magic words can create. I realised you were right in saying that “it’s really out of the world feeling to receive a letter and to read those feelings and let those words weave their magic around you”.


its so much more than just this. It’s like pouring your heart out and opening up your soul on something as frangible as a piece of paper. It makes you vulnerable yet so brave. Sad that this magic of written words eludes today’s much civilised animals.


PS – When everything eludes you but your own old pretty Demons of the past.



  1. akash · Oct 30, 2017

    i don’t know wt to say bby
    but u make me flabbergasted .

    all the best for this stuff 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • oishiblog · Oct 30, 2017

      U r so good at pissing me off💕


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